C.V. court


  • Engineer of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers


  • Teaching New technology and new musical gesture at the Pont Supérieur for the DNSPM diploma,
  • Annual workshop on Max/MSP/Jitter and Max for live (105 h), since 2007 at “Le Jardin Moderne”, Rennes.
  • Advanced workshop on Max/MSP/Jitter and Max for live (35 h) since 2012.
  • Meeting on Arduino (end 2010).
  • Video workshop in the public school of Nogent (2011)

Interactive design 

  • “Picturae 2.0” : Tangible installation for virtual painting (since 2011)
  • “Le songe d’une nuit d’été” : AR symbols tracking used for triggering sounds,
    special design of ligth, laser, (2012/2013)
  • “Piano Stairs” : 27 steps of an access stairs to the subway become a giant piano (Rennes, 2013)
  • “Les voix de la fontaine” : a fountain remote by people is a giant musical intrument (Rennes, 2013)

Special effects developpement 

  • “tp.parle” : Max6 object for speech synthesis even for langages with special characters (accents, …)
  • “Walkman” : Software for leading comedians with text spoken with vocal synthesis (2010/2011)
  • “Linguae” : sofware for powerfull video projection of subtitles in every languages (2010),
  • special effects and computer vision developpement for the collective l’Unijambiste on many projects. Especially for the new production « Le songe d’une nuit d’été » and the workshop for young people, which is linked with.
  • Leng : 3d and realtime programming, audio and video programming on Virthéa with the collective Dérézo (2008 – 2009),
  • Lax 2.1 : audio and video looper (2009),
  • Grase, Dax, Maske, … : some audio / video softwares developped with Max/MSP and Openframeworks.

State manager 

  • for the project “Kabaret flottant 2008”, of the collective Dérézo,

Video designer

  • “How we tried a new combinaison of notes to show the invisible”,  Transmusicales Opera of Rennes, 2013.
  • “La chair des anges”, “Superfolia Armada”, … of O. Mellano, since 2005
  • Lab°(dub) 2004 tour, Octet (Electronica) European tour 2004/2005.

Ligth and video designer

  • Blockheads (2010)
  • “Herem”, readings of a poem of A. Markowicz, directed by the collective l’Unijambiste (2010-2013),
  • Cabaret “Flaflafla” of the collective Vis Comica (2010)
  • Streamer, Chien vert (progressif rock),
  • “La funghimiracolette” (the book) by O. Mellano (show with readings, video, sounds),

Ligth designer

  • for the shows of XmaxS (electro and songs) since 2007,
  • Aïwa (Arabic electro Trip hop) : 2005 tour.

Film editor

  • Dvd for the 10th birthday of “Les Ogres de Barback” (DVD2 Les Ogres et leurs amis),

Musician and film director

  • “ABCD”, Audio visual live (2007).

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