Virthea is a search project about the use of virtual world (and very new technologies) in the context of the stage where comedians and musicians used to play.
Compagnie Dérézo ( is heading this project in collaboration with taprik (, for 3d and realtime programming, audio and video programming, and Le fourneau ( for board support and web creation.
“Il était Xn fois …” was showed at Brest and Morlaix in the beginning of the year. This period was the first experiment of meeting a virtual world in a real piece. You can see below an extract of a show.
Le C.E.R.V ( is also supporting us with the loan of a Moven motion capture suit.
The 3d programming is built with Panda3d, which is a free open source game and simulation engine developed by Disney and maintained by Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center.
The audio and video treatment are mostly made with Max/MSP/Jitter, a graphical programming environnement for manipulation of audio, video, robotics, … contents.

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